Transferring to RIC

Application Process

Call the Admissions Office at RIC (456-8234) to request a catalog and an application (catalogs and applications are also available through the Advising and Counseling Centers at CCRI). Applications are due by June 1 for the fall semester and by November 15 for the spring semester. To apply, you must submit the following: an application form with the $50 fee and an official transcript from all colleges/universities attended where you attempted or earned college credits, whether or not you expect or desire credit for such work.

Even though interviews are not required, they can be arranged by contacting the RIC Admissions Office. A representative from RIC holds information sessions for prospective transfer students each semester at all three CCRI campuses. Check the Advising and Counseling Centers at CCRI or the RIC Admissions Office for dates and times.

Transfer Procedures

At the time of acceptance, the Admissions Office will inform you of the approximate number of transfer credits you will be given. You will receive the final credit evaluation -- listing total credits with RIC course designations -- prior to registration. A one-day orientation program for all new transfer students is essential for making a successful transition to Rhode Island College . At orientation you will meet with other new students, become more familiar with the RIC services and facilities, speak with a faculty advisor, and register for courses. After you have been accepted and paid your enrollment deposit, you will receive notification of the date and time of your orientation session from the Office of Academic Support and Information Services (OASIS).

Transfer Policies

Questions concerning the official transfer credit evaluation or the transfer admissions process at Rhode Island College should be directed to Deb Suggs in the Office of Admissions at 456-8234 or

You may transfer up to 90 credits. However, in order to graduate with a degree from RIC, you must complete a minimum of 120 credits; a minimum of 45 credits must be earned at RIC (a minimum of 15 credits must be in the major, 12 of which must be at the 300 or 400 level). Credits transferred may not all apply to the fulfillment of your major, minor, or general education requirements. Consult the appropriate section(s) of RIC’s catalog for specifics.

Courses in which a grade of D was received are transferable only as elective credit unless earned in a course in the degree program, in which case an academic department may require that the course be repeated and a higher grade earned. Technical/career courses and courses in which Pass or Credit grades are earned are evaluated for transfer on an individual basis.

Students Who Matriculate at CCRI Prior to Fall 1994

Students who matriculated at CCRI prior to fall 1994, and who subsequently graduate from CCRI with an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science in Business Administration or Computer Science, or an Associate in Applied Science in Radiography, are guaranteed admission to Rhode Island College if their cumulative grade point average is 2.4 or higher. These students will be able to transfer all credits earned for their degrees at CCRI, but any credits earned beyond will be evaluated separately. In addition, all general education requirements at Rhode Island College will be considered as completed by these students transferring from CCRI.

Students Who Matriculate at CCRI Beginning Fall 1994

Beginning with students who matriculate at CCRI in the fall 1994, and thereafter, all general education requirements at Rhode Island College must be fulfilled before graduation from RIC. Students are advised to complete as many general education courses as possible before transferring to RIC. Students should refer to the general education Transfer Credit Guide for RIC (Section 1) for a listing of general education requirements and course equivalencies.

Phone numbers for student services at Rhode Island College :

Service Phone
Admissions (Transfer) 456-8234
Bookstore 456-8025
Career Development Center 456-8031
Financial Aid 456-8033
Housing 456-8240
Orientation 456-8083
Summer Session 456-8091
Transcripts 456-8212
Veterans Information 456-8213

RIC Students Taking Courses at CCRI or URI, should be aware that, because of differences in content, writing emphasis, and credit hours, the equivalencies listed for English 161 and History 161 apply only to students transferring from CCRI and URI; students already matriculated at RIC must take these courses at Rhode Island College .

College Writing and Mathematics Requirement

  • All students are required to complete WRTG 100 Introduction to Academic Writing (ENGL 1010, 2010 or 2015).
  • Transfer students must score 480 or better on the quantitative portion of the SAT (scores must be five years old or less); pass a course equivalent to MATH 010 or 177 or higher (MATH 0500 + 0600, 1670, 1680, 1700 + 1710, 1800, 1900, 1910, 1920 or 2910); pass the RIC Mathematics Assessment Exam; or pass Math 010.
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Last updated December 16, 2005