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For specific  information about transferring to CCRI, RIC, or URI contact the admissions office directly

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The Mentor
The Mentor is an online academic advising journal sponsored by the National Association of Academic Advisors (NACADA). This journal has articles of interest to faculty and academic advisors (past editions are archived) and an advisors' forum for the discussion of issues.

The Council on Law in Higher Education is a Web site designed to provide information and analysis to assist people involved in and interested in higher education policy. It is not a substitute for professional advice.

For School Counselors

The 2002-2003 Transfer Guide for Students is now available. A copy will be sent to the guidance office at every high school. If your school does not have a copy, please contact Phyllis Harnick to request a copy.
Ever wish for some articles on community colleges to use when advising high school students about college choices? The information below will be useful for students and their parents when considering the community college option.

Why not a community college? By Patrick Welsh in USA Today (4/30/2002)
This article, written by a high school teacher who is also a part-time faculty member at a community college, is helpful in explaining to seniors why the community college is a good starting option.

Community College: A Good Start at a Good Price by Albert Crenshaw
This article from explains why starting at a community college makes good financial sense.

The World of Community Colleges
is found at MYROAD, a subsidiary of the College Board Web site. This article is written for high school students and presents basic reasons why they may want to consider attending a community college.

Six Reasons to Attend a Community College: Is It the Best Path for You?
Written for high school students, this article presents basic reasons to consider a community college education and gives information about notable alumni. The article has links to a transfer student time line and community college fast facts.



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Last updated October 1, 2007