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PROGRAMS OF STUDY (directory of majors, minors and certificates offered at the University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College and the Community College of Rhode Island.

For more information on Rhode Island's state colleges and university, start by clicking on the links to the homepages.


Programs of Study
See what programs and majors are offered at each institution.


What careers can I have with my major?
What major should I take?

College/University Catalogs
The CCRI, RIC or URI catalogs contain degree requirements for all undergraduate and graduate programs of study, rules that affect students, descriptions of courses, and a list of the faculty and administration of the College. You must know the rules given in the catalog for your degree program. The catalog is the document of authority for all students. For more information about courses for registration purposes, see the current CCRI, RIC, or URI bulletin.

CCRI bulletin
RIC bulletin
URI bulletin

The process of applying to a four-year college or university may be different for transfer students. You may be asked for different information than students entering as freshmen. Use the links below to find information about transfer student admissions.


Read instructions and download applications forms with the links below.


Have questions about admissions? Send your e-mail directly to a transferadmissions officer by clicking on the links below.

Admissions into Specific Programs at CCRI, RIC, or URI
Please be aware that some programs at CCRI, the schools within RIC, and the colleges within URI that house the majors may have additional deadlines and applications procedures. For information on transferring into any of these programs, click on the links below.





Honors Programs

Interested in challenging yourself by participating in an honors program? Find our more about eligibility and information on the honors programs by clicking on the links below.

You need to request OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS from the Registrars' Office. This office may also be called Enrollment Services or the Records Office. You may need to go in person to the Registrar to sign a transcript release form and pay a small fee.

These transcripts need to be sent TWICE as part of the transfer admission process: FIRST when you apply for admission and SECOND when you have completed your coursework at the college(s) from which you are transferring. This step is important so that all of your credits can be evaluated prior to choosing your next courses.

Official transcripts have the Registrar's seal on them and come in a sealed envelope (don't open the envelope!). Send it unopened to the college or university, along with other information required by the admissions process.

Click on the links below or call the number provided if you need additional information.

Enrollment Services Forms

     URI Enrollment Services Forms

     RIC Enrollment Services Forms

     CCRI Enrollment Services Forms

Credit Evaluation
You will definitely want to have your transcripts from the previous college(s) that you attended evaluated for transfer credit. You can request an appointment to discuss what credits transferred and how these credits can be applied to a degree. Keep all of your syllabi from the courses you have completed in case there is a question about transferability. The information on the syllabus may be sufficient to demonstrate course equivalency. You might also be asked for course or program descriptions from the college catalog.

Grades don't transfer from one institution to another. Only credits transfer. For the maximum number of credits that can be transferred, ask the admissions officer at the receiving institution.

Applications Deadlines
In planning to transfer, be sure to leave enough time to complete the application forms and have all the requested information and transcripts sent in before the deadline.


Tuition & Fees/Financial Aid

For information on financing your college education, call or click on the links below. Be sure you know the deadlines for the various types of financial aid available.

Tuition & Fees

General Information on Financial Aid

FAFSA and CCRI/RIC/URI Financial Aid Forms

Deadlines for financial aid
** Financial aid deadlines are NOT the same as admission deadlines.


Other financial aid resources

    Preparing for College: Financial Aid
    Financial aid resources in RI

Rhode Trips

There are many benefits in visiting the colleges to which you want to transfer, even though it is your own state college or university just down the road. Plan to visit the college(s). Look around and become familiar with the campus before you arrive for your first classes. Call the Admissions Office if you want to take a tour or have an interview.

Or, take a virtual tour of URI.

Academic services

Find our more about the programs at each campus that support student success.

Career Services

Students with disabilities services

More information for students with disabilities can be found at Preparing for College, the RIOHE college-planning Web site.

Programs that support success
These programs have special requirements for eligibility. Contact the programs directly for more information.

Student Life

Student Activities

Residential Life

RI Independent Colleges and Universities
In addition to the three state-supported institutions of higher education, Rhode Island is home to a number of independent (private) institutions that you may wish to consider. The Preparing for College Web site has a listing of all the colleges, universities, and trade schools in the state. CLICK HERE to see the list.

Rules of the Rhode
The Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education (RIBGHE) established policy relating to transfer among the state higher education institutions. The entirety of the Board of Governors' transfer policy can be found in the Transfer Guide for Students.

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For more info contact:

For specific  information about transferring to CCRI, RIC, or URI contact the admissions office directly

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