RI Board of governors postsecondary regulations

Three sets of regulations provide assistance to postsecondary institutions seeking to initiate new programs, to modify existing programs or to remain in operation in Rhode Island.

Academic Changes in Rhode Island Public Institutions of Higher Education
Regulations pertaining to the institutions in the Rhode Island System of Public Higher Education.

Higher Education Institutions Operating in Rhode Island
Regulations pertaining to all programs of any level offered by degree-granting institutions outside of the Rhode Island system of public higher education and to institutions offering only certificate programs at the post-associate level or above. With one statutory exception, for-profit institutions may not offer degrees in Rhode Island.

Proprietary Schools in Rhode Island
Regulations pertaining to schools (i.e., organizations, associations, corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships operated on a for-profit or on a non-profit basis) that grant awards only at the pre-associate certificate level.


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Last Updated September 22, 2003