board of governors policy manual

The Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education was established by statute in 1981 (Title 16, Chapter 59 of the Rhode Island General Laws) as a public corporation entrusted with control over postsecondary education. As amended in 1993, the statute specifies that the Board will consist of fifteen members: eleven public members plus one student from a Rhode Island public institution of higher education, all to be appointed by the Governor and subject to Senate confirmation. The remaining members consist of the Chair of the Board of Regents for Elementary and Secondary Education, and the Chairs (or designees) of both the House and Senate Finance Committees.

Among the powers and responsibilities of the Board are the duties to "formulate broad policy to implement the goals and objectives established and adopted by the Board of Governors from time to time and to adopt standards and require enforcement and to exercise general supervision over all public higher education in the state and over independent higher education in the state as provided [by law]."

This policy manual contains the policies, regulations and directives that guide both the Board and the public institutions of higher education in carrying out their responsibilities.

Board of Governors

Adoption of Policies and Regulations B - 1.0
Bylaws of the Board of Governors B - 2.0
Conflict of Interest and Nepotism B - 3.0
Requests for Information from Board Members B - 4.0
Policy on Collaboration in Public Higher Education B - 5.0
Policy on Naming Opportunities for Recognition of Individuals or Entities B - 6.0
Policies of Administration Supervision B - 7.0
Policies of Corporate Control B - 8.0
Introducing Legislation Relating to Higher Education -- Regulation B - 9.0


F - 1.0 Asset Protection Policy
F - 2.0 Auxiliary Enterprises -- Overhead Policy and Regulations

Research and Grants -- Overhead Policy and Regulations
F - 3.0 Rhode Island College
F - 3.1 University of Rhode Island
F - 4.0 Procedures for Handling of Real Estate Transactions
F - 5.0 Capital Development -- Policy
F - 6.0 Capital Development -- Regulations
F - 7.0 Fiscal Accountability -- Regulations
F - 8.0 Internal Audit Charter
F - 9.0 Liability Claims Reporting Procedure -- Policy and Regulations
F - 10.0 Trust Indenture Expenditures -- Regulations
F - 11.0 Tuition Policy for Public Institutions of Higher Education
F - 12.0 Tuition Policy for Contract Spaces
F - 13.0 Tuition Policy for Graduate Programs
F - 14.0 Tuition Policy for Expanded Providence Metropolitan Area for Rhode Island College
F - 15.0 Tuition Policy for Employer Sponsored Learning Programs
F - 16.0 Tuition Waiver for Interinstitutional Reimbursement Policy
F - 17.0 Tuition Waiver for Persons over Sixty -- Regulations
F - 18.0 Acceptance of Gifts -- Regulations
F - 19.0 Budget Preparation and Control
Investment Policy F - 21.0
Capital Projects -- Management Systems F - 22.0
Interinstitutional Borrowing Policy F - 23.0
Capital Campaign Funding Policy F - 24.0
Resolution on Distribution of Patent and Intellectual Property Revenue at the University of RI F - 25.0
Credit Card Policy and Procedures F - 26.0
Capital Project Advanced Planning Policy F - 27.0
Capital Asset Accounting Policy F - 28.0

Academic Programs

Coordination Plan for Public Higher Education A - 1.0
Quality in Higher Education: Program and Institutional Review Processes A - 2.0
Policy on Distance Learning A - 3.0
Regulations Governing Academic Changes in Rhode Island Public Institutions of Higher Education A - 4.0
Regulations Governing Institutions of Higher Education Operating in Rhode Island A - 5.0
Regulations Governing Proprietary Schools A - 6.0
Policy on Academic Program Reviews A - 7.0


Student Rights Policy S - 1.0
Educational Equity Policy S - 2.0
Policy on Students with Disabilities S- 3.0
Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Policy S - 4.0
Residency Policy S - 5.0 Current policy
Residency Policy S - 5.0 Effective as of Fall 2012 Semester
Articulation and Transfer Policy S - 6.0
Interinstitutional Student Exchange: R.I. Public Institutions S - 7.0
New England Regional Student Program Policy S - 8.0
Involuntary Call of Students to Military Service S - 9.0
Athletics Policy S - 10.0
Traffic and Parking Regulations S-11.0
Joint Admissions Agreement S - 12.0
Stopping the Clock on the Joint Admissions Agreement (JAA) S - 12.A.0
Joint Admissions Agreement Matriculation S - 12.B.0
Eligibility of Out-Of-State to Participate in the Joint Admissions Agreement - 12.C.0


Personnel Policies P - 1.0
Affirmative Action and Equal Employment -- Policy P - 2.0
Affirmative Action and Equal Employment -- Regulations P - 3.0
Evaluation of Presidents -- Policy and Regulations P - 4.0
Tenure Policy for Presidents P - 5.0
Sabbatical Leave for Administrators P - 6.0
Sabbatical Leave for OHE Personnel P - 6.1
Moving Expenses for New Employees -- Policy P - 7.0
Faculty Tenure -- Policy P - 8.0
Faculty Status for URI Librarians -- Regulations P - 9.0
Oral English Proficiency for Instructional Personnel P - 10.0
Public Office Holding Policy P - 11.0
Activation of Military Reservists - Non Classified Employees P - 12.0
Non-Smoking Policy P - 13.0
Retirement Policy and Regulations P - 14.0
Tables of Organization -- Policy P - 15.0
Violence in the Workplace Prevention -- Policy P - 16.1
Discrimination Complaint Procedures

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Last updated September 25, 2007