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Preparing Students for College Through Curriculum Materials and Other Resources

Developed Through Project GEAR UP

The goal of this web page is to provide quality curriculum-related information to middle and high school personnel serving as advisors as they work with students and families in planning for college. The web page has several objectives:

  1. to disseminate preparing-for-college curriculum units developed by teachers, guidance counselors, librarians, and access opportunity staff 

  3. to provide links to high quality state and national sites disseminating information pertaining to either the teaching of college planning or professional advisement regarding college planning

  5. to provide links to selected professional articles regarding either the teaching of college planning or professional advisement regarding college planning
You may also wish to refer to the home page entitled The R.I. Board of Governors for Higher Education for various information on preparing for college.  The Preparing for College Website, developed by the Academic Affairs Division of RIOHE, was cited by the U.S. Department of Education among a listing of good links for educators, parents and students. Yet another good general site on college access is, sponsored by CAARI (College Access Alliance of RI), a partnership of non-profit organizations, public agencies, schools, and higher education. The site you are now visiting is being designed by Associate Commissioner for Academic Affairs Dr. Nancy Carriuolo.  Following the site's completion in December 2000, the site will be maintained by Senior Assistant Michol Stout.  Michol will review the site on the first day of each month to ensure that links are active and materials are not outdated. 

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