Career Exploration

by Kathy Campopiano,                                                 Nathan Bishop Middle School

Students need to be active and effective in planning for post-secondary education. Students need to be aware of the effective choices and the decision-making process to select courses in middle and high school to achieve their goals. 

Students will participate in listing many career choices. Each student will have a Career Interest Inventory and discussion of the results. Each student will research a career and explore the educational requirements of that career. Students will use at least three resources to complete a poster board to describe the educational courses important to attaining their career choices.

Task 1 (1 day) Brainstorm in groups of four to list careers. Students can use parents, teachers, the library, newspapers, etc., for additional choices to add to the original list.

Task 2 (1 day) Participate in taking a career-interest inventory.

Task 3 (1 day) Discussion of inventory results. Handouts to describe the poster the student will make and present in class. Teacher will give very clear directions to complete this project.

Task 4 (1 day) Class time to explore the selected career. Computers and other resources in the library can be used as well as additional resources in the classroom.

Task 5 (1 day) Students will begin to organize their material for presentation. (Poster boards, markers, glue, and stencils will be available). Each student will complete his or her project at home with parental involvement.

Task 6 (2 days) Presentation of posters in class. Posters will be evaluated based on a general rubric.

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