Planning for the Future:
Career and College Choices


by Anne McLaughlin, West Warwick Public Library

James Maconochie, a teacher at McCall Middle School in Winchester, Massachusetts, highly recommends this lesson:

The following lesson is general enough to be used by teachers of any discipline who wish to encourage their students to consider college in the middle school or high school years. Teaching career planning in class is even a way to encourage students to consider pursuing our own fine career of teaching. Students often need to be shown the tie between what they are studying and various career options that will open to them after college and, perhaps, graduate school. 
Students and their parents will be introduced to helpful websites in two one-hour sessions in the library Computer Lab. These sites will help them get started on making choices in planning for their future. Websites will help students focus on making goals and creating a personal plan based on information available about planning for college, financial aid and scholarship sources. The session is limited to twelve participants. Registration is required.

Students and parents will sit in pairs, but work independently at their own computers. Participants will fill out a pre-survey on their interests, goals and expectations for the future. The instructor will direct participants in connecting to the links below after opening Word. Selected links will be interactive. At the final session, each participant will fill out an evaluation based on how helpful each felt the sessions were. 


  • What level of education have you completed?
  • What level of education would you like to complete?
  • What was your earliest career/job goal?
  • What is your current career/job goal?
  • Where would you like to attend college?
  • What do you plan on doing in the next six months to work toward your career and college goals?
  • Have you ever looked on the internet for career or college information?
Overview of what is available on websites to determine interests and available career
choices and thoughts about college.

What are your interests?

Match your interests, skills, and abilities
Take a Quiz about your interests

Making a Career Choice:
How Do I Decide On a Career?
Career Key
Career Planning
Beyond High School: is the military an option?
The Parent Connection

Resources on Careers:
Occupation Outlook Handbook

College Planning:
Timeline for College Planning
Preparing for College: A Guide for Students and Families
Why College? Why Not?

Looking at web sites which focus on taking the SAT, scholarships, listings of colleges, applying to colleges, looking for employment, creating a resume.

Sample SAT questions
2001 Colleges, Universities and Scholarships Page
College Applications
Listing of Colleges
Financial Aid Resources
Career and Job Hunting Resources

Rhode Island Resources
RI Colleges
Rhode Island Opportunity Programs


  • How helpful do you feel this session was in helping you become more aware of web resources on career and college choices?
  • Do you want to return to some of these websites on your own to explore them further?
  • What is your education goal?
  • What is your career goal?
  • What do you plan on doing in the next 6 months toward your career and college goals?

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