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AmeriCorps is a national service program that allows people of all ages and backgrounds to earn help paying for education in exchange for a year of service.

College Costs: A Field Guide
This site contains information on all aspects of financing a college education.

Financial Aid Checklist
This site offers month-by-month instructions and advice on what students should be doing from 10th grade onward to maximize their financial aid award. 

Financial Aid Information Page
Information on financial aid, grants, and loans is provided in this comprehensive financial aid site.

Financial Aid Search Through the Web
This helpful site has a free scholarship database of 400,000 scholarships, fellowships, internships, and grants.  A free profile can be entered and e-mail notices sent on scholarships that fit the student's criteria.  The Canadian data are in French and English.  There are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and information on local and school-based awards.  The parentsí page has an Ask the Experts feature.  A helpful financial aid glossary is accessible.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Forms and instructions are available on-line.

Gear Up
This site encourages low income students to attend college by beginning planning early, and provides lists of available grants. 

Hispanic College Fund
This site lists all of the colleges and universities that participate in the Hispanic College Fund Scholarship Program, a program that awards over 100 scholarships.  Also included are sites designed to provide assistance to Hispanic students. 

Mapping Your Future
Sponsored by guaranty agencies that participate in the Federal Family Education Loan Program, there are site tours planned for middle and high school students, college attendees, student loan borrowers, and non-traditional students.  This site contains useful information on higher education and careers, has links to on-line application forms, a financial aid calendar, budget calculator and loan calculator.  Also helpful are the sections containing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and a glossary of financial aid terminology.

Find scholarships, internships and other financial aid programs from non-college sources that match your education level, talents, and background.

MOLIS Scholarships/Fellowships
This search service provides information about scholarship opportunities for qualified minority applicants.

President's Student Service Challenge  Volunteering not only lets you give back to your community, it can give you money for college. As part of the Presidentís Student Service Challenge, the Corporation for National Service recognizes outstanding student volunteers by offering scholarships to high school juniors and seniors who have helped to improve their communities through volunteer service.

Project EASI
This site provides resources for applying, receiving, and repaying financial aid.

Sallie Mae
This is the home page of one of the largest financial services companies for education loans.

Scholarship Resources Network
This is a search engine and database that provides information on private scholarships for undergraduates and postgraduates who wish to locate funding for study. 

Scholarship Scam
The Federal Trade Commission provides advice on how to spot scholarship scams. 

The Student Guide to Financial Aid
The Student Guide is a comprehensive resource on student financial aid from the U.S. Department of Education. It covers the Department's major aid programs, including Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, and PLUS Loans. About 70% of all student aid comes from the programs discussed in this guide.

U.S. Department of Education. HOPE Scholarships
This site provides information on the Hope Scholarship and Lifetime Learning Credits.  The HOPE Scholarship provides tax credits of up to $1,500 for the first two-years of post-secondary education.  The Lifetime Learning Credits provide tax credit for college juniors and seniors, graduate students, and working Americans seeking to improve or upgrade their skills.  The site also includes information on changes in the law which have made state tuition savings plans more flexible.

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