This website is meant to be a resource for students, parents, and educators to help make the most of the 6th through 12th grade years and beyond.  It will help answer questions and provide the tools needed to understand and to take advantage of available opportunities in higher education.

The first section of this site, Why College?? Why Not!! has information on the reasons why going to college is a smart idea that can help you to have a better life.  The second section, Thinking Ahead About College gives information on academic and financial plans and explains why it is important to start planning early.  Rhode Island higher education financial aid and information resources, colleges, and proprietary schools are in the section titled, Rhode Island Higher Education Resources.  The Rhode Island Opportunity Programs section lists those outreach programs designed to increase the attendance and success in higher education of educationally or economically disadvantaged students. 

The other sections of the website provide many additional sources of information from the Internet that will be helpful throughout the process of preparing for and applying to college; these links are briefly described and underlined in blue.  Non-Rhode Island Office of Higher Education websites are linked as a service only.  These websites are provided as a tool to help visitors explore the wide range of options and information that are available and help them make informed choices about how to prepare for and pursue post-secondary education opportunities.  These sites contain useful information, most of which is free, that may assist students, families and educators.  Preparing for College has made every effort to link only to sites that do not require private information or require a fee to access information.  A change in this policy at any site should be reported to the webmaster using the comment page at the bottom of the webpage.  Because of the number of Internet sites devoted to the college planning process, the organizations, services, advice, or products contained on them cannot be endorsed or guaranteed by the RI Office of Higher Education, but are entirely the responsibility of the webmaster of the site visited.

Throughout this document, the term "college" is used to refer to all post-secondary institutions-- technical colleges, junior colleges, community colleges, other two-year colleges, and four-year colleges and universities.


1 Why College?? Why Not!!
       (What can you get from it?)
2 Thinking Ahead about College
(start early...)

Courses to Take in Middle and High School
The Total Package: Courses, Grades, and Activities
Planning for College Costs

3 Finding a Career
(What do you want to be after college?)

4 Planning for College
(It's never too early...)

5 Rhode Island Postsecondary Education Resources

Why Go to College in Rhode Island?
Rhode Island Colleges Online
Rhode Island Proprietary Schools
Other RI Postsecondary and Financial Aid Resources

6 Choosing a College
    (So many choices...)
7Listings of Colleges
(Direct links to your favorite colleges.)

8 Financial Aid/ Scholarships
(How to find the money.)

9 SAT or ACT Preparation
(THIS is a big test..)

Sites About Sites
(If you can't find it here...)

    Rhode Island Opportunity Programs
(All you need is a chance.)

   Resources for Teachers, Guidance Counselors, 
and Others Who Advise Students

(How do you like it?)

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