4 Planning For College

College is Possible
Sponsored by the Coalition of American Colleges and Universities, this site has information on preparing for college including recommendations for junior and senior high school students.  It has sections on choosing the right college and on how to pay for college.  There are good links to other sites with information on preparing for, applying to, and paying for a college education.

Getting Ready for College Early: A Handbook for Parents of Students in the Middle School Years.
Written for parents as an introduction to preparing for their childrens' college education, this site includes recommendations for steps to be taken during the junior and senior high school years.  A Spanish language version is also available.

GrO/Going Right On®
A free downloadable multimedia program from the College Board designed to encourage middle school students to start thinking about college.  GrO was designed for early teens who may be uncertain about their future prospects for college or unsure about how to get on the college-bound track.

Mapping Your Future
This site, from the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, contains helpful information and useful links.  Guided tours of the site are designed for middle and high school students, non-traditional students, student borrowers, and parents  A Spanish language version of the site is available.  See Careership for interactive career activity.  The site has scheduled “chat  nights” around admissions and financial aid questions.  Students can access on-line applications, get financial aid information, check status of student loans, and use loan and budget calculators.

Parent Connection
A college planning newsletter with information directed toward questions from parents.

Preparing Your Child for College. A Resource Book for Parents. A comprehensive guide for parents, this on-line publication provides information on general questions, preparing students academically, financing a college education, and the importance of long range planning.  Helpful checklists for parents and children are included. This 1996-1997 edition is the most recent on-line version.

Ready, Set, Go
An on-line newsletter for middle school students.  Information on planning academically and financially for college. 

The Path From Home School to College Home Schooled students face special challenges when it comes to planning for and applying to college. Their distinct school situation demands a unique approach to the college admission process. This site provides information and links to help.

Think College
This U.S. Department of Education website has information for pre-high school, high school, returning adult students and parents.  There are links to financial aid and college planning websites. 

Think College Early
This handbook for students in middle and junior high school school shows students how a college education will improve their lives. The importance of early planning, choosing the right courses and financing an education are stressed.

Think College? Me? Now?
A handbook for students in middle and junior high school, this guide shows students how a college education will improve their lives.  The importance of early planning, choosing the right courses and financing their education are stressed.

Your choices
A newsletter with many topics of college planning advice for high school students. 

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