7 Listings of Colleges

If you have already found a college that interests you and want to visit its home page, try one of these websites:

American Universities Home Pages
Links are provided to college and university web pages in the United States. 

College and University Home Pages
This site has an alphabetical listing of American universities and international universities from over 80 countries.  A geographical listing is also available. 

Community College Web
This site has a search engine and links to American, Canadian, and European community colleges.  It includes useful information on community colleges and links to related sites.

Historically Black Colleges
This site has an alphabetic list of historically black U.S. university and college websites. 

Web U.S. Universities, Alphabetic
This page of contains an alphabetic list of U.S. universities on the Web. 

Web U.S. Universities, by State
This page contains a list of U.S. universities on the Web organized by state. 

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