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America's Career InfoNet
A comprehensive source of occupational information for students and job seekers.  The information is divided into General Outlook, Wages and Trends, Employers, State Profiles, Resource Library, and Career Exploration.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Data from the Department of Labor about the economy, including projections and regional information. Helpful for high schoolers planning majors and careers. 

Career Biographies
This page, developed by the Internet Public Library for teenagers, will give you links to facts about a given career, as well as, a personal narrative from a person who is currently working in the field.  By clicking on one of the fields, you will link to a more detailed list of professions within that category.  By selecting one of the professions, a career biography will appear containing an interview with a professional in the given field.  A list of other sites on the web that also contain career information for this profession is included.

Career Information by College Major
Rutgers University developed this site to help students explore different majors.  On the Career Services page, click on choosing a college major, then on college majors and career exploration.  Approximately 50 academic majors are highlighted; the information includes an overview of the major, related occupations, typical employers, and jobs obtained by graduates.

Career Key
Career Key is designed to help people make good career decisions by providing a personality and interest inventory, based on the work of John Holland, then listing careers that match.  Lists of job titles are linked to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which gives in-depth career profiles.  Another section has advice on how to make good career decisions.   Also included is a special version designed for middle and junior high school students. 

Guides for Specific Careers: These sites are have information about planning s. What kind of training or education is required? What can you earn? What kind of environment will you work in? What's hot? What's not? 

This source is also interesting for advice on finding hidden jobs, salary information and resumes. 

Career Net
CareerNet has career information for students and job seekers.   The site has information and links on career descriptions, career tests, life planning, college and financial aid.  Numerous links to several categories of information are included for students, counselors, parents, and employers.

Current daily classified ads and the ads from the previous two Sundays from almost 60 U.S. newspapers can be searched here. The Boston Globe, Washington Post, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Los Angeles Times are included but the Providence Journal and the Wall Street Journal are not.  Job seekers can access over 230,000 ads typically from across the country without subscribing to the newspaper. 

Career Planning Process
A site from Bowling Green State University, the Career Planning/Competency Model encourages individuals to explore and gather information which enables them to synthesize, gain competencies, make decisions, set goals and take action.  There are five steps in this process and each one has an interactive set of quizzes to help you understand them. 

Careers in Science and Engineering
This is an online guide for students considering careers in science, engineering, and mathematics to help in making career and educational choices. Secondary-school students and undecided undergraduates can use this guide to understand careers in science and engineering and find practical suggestions for pursuing these career areas.  Check out the career biographies and the self-assessment suggestions. 

Just answer some questions about yourself in this interactive quiz. Your answers will be used to find careers that match your interests and abilities.

Career Zone
The site has plentiful information for students, parents and guidance counselors who want to learn about careers.  Areas of this site describe work activities, give the usual wages, outline education requirements and aptitudes needed.  Curriculum and lesson plans for using the site are available.  Links of interest to students, parents, and guidance counselors are provided.  This site is appropriate for middle school and high school students. 

Take a Virtual Interview!
The Virtual Interview contains actual job interview questions ranging from puff ball to killer. This interactive section gives you the opportunity to test your answers in a safe environment so that when the real thing comes along you can engage in a meaningful exchange rather than grope for a clumsy comeback.


Enneagram Personality Dynamics
The Enneagram is a system for understanding our personalities. The nine
personality types of the Enneagram each represent a motivating need for an
individual. You can take the test to determine your own personality type and clarify career choices. The site offers in-depth information on the Enneagram. 

eXploring Careers
Middle school and high school students who are interested in learning about different jobs will find many areas of interest at this site.  Opportunities are presented for self-exploration and learning about the skills, education, work activities, and other important information for each job.

Finding a Job in the Creative Fields
This site includes links to career sites, a chat room and a listserv for people interested in creative careers. 

Future Scan
FutureScan, is an interactive career guide for teenagers.  It is dedicated to providing in-depth, original and unbiased information on the world of work. FutureScan has built a unique body of knowledge about what it is like to work as an architect, interior designer, construction manager, landscape architect, veterinarian, environmental engineer, or legal professional. In 2000, coverage of new careers, new online planning tools, news about work and lifestyle trends, career forums, and other features will be added. The goal is to help readers make intelligent and informed decisions about a college major or career path.

Job Resources by U.S. Region
This is a comprehensive resource for locating employment in the United States including a good list of local resources and job listing sites for each region in the United States.  The site has recommendations for people considering relocating. The Help Guides provide advice on resumes, cover letters, and interviewing. Links to Jobstar salary information.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter
The Keirsey Character Sorter is designed to identify different kinds of personality.  The questionnaire identifies four temperament types: Guardian, Artisan, Idealist and Rational. It gives people a better idea of themselves and helps them understand other people.  Understanding your personality type can help while exploring different types of jobs. 

Kingdomality is a personal preference survey linked to medieval occupations.  The importance of understanding job preferences in considering careers is communicated and students will find this site provides insights for modern occupations. 

Major and Career Exploration 
An advising site from Ohio State University which provides a step by step process for career and major exploration.  The Model for Exploration was developed to provide students with a framework to be able to gain and use information on education and careers.  The components of the model are self-assessment exploration, educational exploration, career/occupational exploration, and decision-making.  Information is also provided  on transitioning to careers after college.

Military Careers
This site contains career information for all branches of the military.

My Future
A site created for teenagers with sections on personal finance, career options, military opportunities, and career helpers.  Beyond High School has information on the other choices beside college, such as technical schools, apprenticeships, internships, and armed forces careers, and on finding that first job.  The Career Help section has advice on the cover letter, resume and interview.  Check out the Interest Finder Quiz, which suggests career ideas based on preferred activities, and the listing on “hot jobs.”

Occupational Outlook Handbook
The online version of the career handbook produced every two years by the U.S. Department of Labor, it provides  information about specific occupations, including earnings, working conditions, training and education required, working conditions and future job outlook.   Also, check out the Occupational Outlook Quarterly which provides current and practical information on jobs and careers.  Regular features include Grab Bag, brief items of interest to counselors and students; You’re a What?, which explores an unusual occupation; and OOChart which presents a graphic of interesting job related data.

Quintessential Career and Job Hunting Resources Guide
This site is designed to provide information and resources about jobs and careers for job seekers.  While this site has a variety of resources and links, its main focus is on helping college students find internships and employment.  Many links to resources available on the Web are provided here for job seekers.

Riley Guide
The Riley Guide is a career website. The site has a directory of employment and career information sources and services on the Internet.  It also provides instruction for job seekers and recruiters on how to use the Internet to their best advantage. 

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