International Relations

Spring 2003

Institution: Salve Regina University
Title: Research Seminar
Course Number: INR500
Section: 95
3 credit hours
Students explore various research techniques then apply that knowledge to analysis of existing research and to designing and implementing their own research projects. The course includes preparation of a literature review, qualitative and quantitative approaches, triangulation methods, research designs, threats to internal and external validity, sampling techniques, data collection methods, and ethical considerations. Note: This course must be taken in the first year of graduate studies.

Institution: Salve Regina University
Title: Foundations of International Relations
Course Number: INR502
Section: 90
3 credit hours
Students explore the salient issues involving conflict or cooperation in contemporary international politics. The major topics include nation-state systems; struggle for power among nations; continuities and changes in current international relations; the role of diplomacy, ideology, economics, military force, war, nuclear weapons, international law and organizations; the quest for community; and the relationship of moral and religious values to some of the problems of international relations.


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