higher education institutions operating in RI

Regulations pertaining to all programs of any level offered by degree-granting institutions outside of the Rhode Island system of public higher education and to institutions offering only certificate programs at the post-associate level or above. With one statutory exception, for-profit institutions may not offer degrees in Rhode Island.

Regulations Governing Higher Education Institutions Operating in Rhode Island

      Title 16, Chapter 40 of the Rhode Island General Laws
      Plese note: Title 16, Chapter 40 recently has been amended. The amendment can be found at:

Accrediting Agencies Recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education

Regional Accrediting Agencies
National Accrediting Agencies

Documents, forms, guidelines and procedures supporting the regulations:

Distance Learning Guidelines for Higher Education Institutions Operating in Rhode Island
Proposal Format
Abbreviated Proposal Format
Fire Inspection Procedures & Deputy Fire Marshal's Certificate of Inspection
Building Inspector's Certificate of Inspection
Health Environment Certificate of Inspection
Enrollment Summary of Rhode Island Students by Racial/Ethnic Category
Postsecondary Completions in Rhode Island
Program Closure Approval Form

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Last updated August 30, 2007