general education at the university of rhode island

At the University of Rhode Island, the General Education Program requires students to take courses in the areas of English communications (including one course in writing), mathematics and quantitative reasoning, fine arts and literature, foreign language or cross-cultural competence, letters, the natural sciences, and the social sciences.  Because the specific courses approved in these areas may also fulfill prerequisite requirements for a major, students planning to transfer to the University are urged to consult URI’s catalog or to discuss their plans with an advisor at URI.  The following section includes a chart which lists the general education requirements approved for each college within the University of Rhode Island.  Following the chart is a list of courses which have been approved for general education credit.  Students in the College of Engineering and the College of Arts & Sciences should note that not all general education courses at URI are approved for their programs.  The course listing denotes those courses which are not applicable to engineering and arts and sciences majors.

To use the chart, first locate the row for the college at the University of Rhode Island in which you intend to enroll; then, read the entries under each column for specific requirements within each area.  For specific course listings, refer to the pages following the chart.


The chart below summarizes the URI general education requirements by college.  Because each college has different requirements, students should consult their academic advisor and URI Catalog when selecting courses.  Reference should be made to the URI general education requirements and to the requirements of individual majors.

Please note: although a course may be listed in more than one general education category, it can only be used to meet one requirement.

  1. Engineering students need to be aware that there are certain courses in Fine Arts & Literature, Letters and Social Science which are not approved for their program.
  2. Students enrolled in the Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy or Environment & Life Sciences may reduce the credit requirements in Fine Arts & Literature, Foreign Language/Cross-cultural Competence or Letters by 3 credits.
English Communication
Mathematics & Quantitive Reasoning
Fine Arts & Literature
Foreign Language/Cross Cultureal Competence
Natural Sciences
Social Sciances
University Requirement
(Univ. Req.)
6 cr. with minimum of 3 cr. in writing
3 cr.
6 cr.
6 cr. in foreign language or semester abroad or culture clusters. See General Education requirements in the URI Catalog
6 cr.
6 cr.
6 cr.
Arts & Sciences
Univ. Req.
except BGS 100
Univ. Req.
3 cr. in Fine Arts; 3 cr. in Literature
See General Education requirements in the URI Catalog

BA: One course per code
BS, BFA, BM: Univ. Req.

BA: One course per code
Univ. Req.

BA: One course per code
Univ Req.
1 of the following: COM 100, WRT 104, 105, 106, 201 or 333; and WRT 227
BAC 120
6 cr. (with at least 3 cr. in Literature)
See General Education requirements in the URI Catalog
Univ. Req.
Univ. Req.
ECN 201 & 202
Univ. Req.
MTH 141
Univ. Req.
3 cr.
Univ. Req. (See specific requirements by major)
Univ. Req.
Univ. Req.
ECN 201 is required
Environment and Life Sciences
3 cr. in writing;
3 cr. in oral communication
Specific to major
Univ. Req.
See General Education requirements in the URI Catalog

Univ. Req

6 cr. selected from bilogy and chemistry
Univ. Req. (see specific requirements by major)
Human Science & Services
3 cr. in writing;
3 cr. in oral communication
Univ. Req
Univ. Req
See General Education requirements in the URI Catalog
Univ. Req
Univ. Req. (see specific requirements by major)
Univ. Req. (see specific requirements by major)
Univ. Req
STA 220
Univ. Req
See General Education requirements in the URI Catalog
Univ. Req
CHM 103 and FSN 207
PSY 113 and SOC 100
Univ. Req
except BGS 100
MTH 131 or MTH 141
Univ. Req
See General Education requirements in the URI Catalog
Univ. Req
CHM 101/102 and BIO 113
Univ. Req.;
ECN 201 is required


Fine Arts

ARH120            Intro to Art
ARH251,252  History of Art
ART101             2-Dimension Design1
ART207             Drawing I1
FLM101             Intro to Film/Screen Studies
FLM203             Film Theory
FLM204,205      History of Film
HPR105            Honors: Fine Arts/Literature
LAR201             Landscape Architecture1
MUS101            Introduction to Music
MUS106            History of Jazz
MUS111            Basic Musicianship
MUS 292           Concert Band
MUS 293           University Chorus
PLS233             Floral Art1,2
PLS335             Commercial Floral Design1,2
THE100             Introduction to Theatre
THE181             Script Analysis
THE351, 352     Theatrical Costuming1
THE381,382,383    History of Theatre


AAF/ENG247    African Diaspora Lit
AAF/ENG248    African-American Lit
CLA391,395,396,397    Mythology
CLS/ENG160    Literatures of the World
ENG110            Intro Literature
ENG/CLS160    Literatures of The World
ENG241,242     U.S.  Lit
ENG243            The Short Story
ENG/AAF247    African Diaspora Lit
ENG/AAF248    African-American Lit
ENG251,252     British Literature
ENG260            Women and Literature
ENG262            Non-Fiction                                                
ENG263            The Poem
ENG264            The Drama
ENG265            The Novel
ENG280            Shakespeare
ENG300            Lit into Film
ENG302            Film Theory & Criticism
ENG303            Cinematic Auteurs
ENG304            Film Genres
ENG/WMS317 Cont Women Novelists Americas
ENG355            Lit and the Sciences
ENG357            Lit and Medicine
ENG358            Lit and Business
FRN309,310     Culture and Lit
FRN320            French Cinema
HPR105            Honors: Literature/Fine Arts
RUS391,392   Masterpieces of Russian Lit.
SPA305,306      Spanish-American Lit. & Culture
SPA307             Hispanic Culture thru 17th Cent.
SPA308             Lit. Culture of Modern Spain
SPA320             Spanish Cinema
WMS/ENG317 Cont Women Novelists Americas


AAF/HIS150      African-American Hist
AAF201             African American Studies
AAF/HIS355      Black Women in US
AAF/HIS356      Black Urban History
APG327            History of Physical Anthropology
BGS392            Humanities Seminar1,2
CLS/ENG160    Literatures of the World
CLS235             Philosophy & Literature
EGR316            Engineering Ethics
ENG110            Intro to Literature
ENG/CLS160    Literatures of the World
ENG243            The Short Story
ENG251,252     British Literature
ENG280            Shakespeare
ENG355            Lit and the Sciences
ENG356            Lit and the Law
HIS111              Greece & Rome
HIS112              Medieval Europe
HIS113,114       Western Civ
HIS116              History Science
HIS117              History Medicine
HIS118              Women in Europe
HIS130              History and the Sea
HIS132              Russian & Soviet History
HIS141,142       History of the US
HIS145              Women in American
HIS146              Women in US
HIS/AAF150      African –American History
HIS 160             Technology & American Life
HIS171              East Asia History
HIS172              Southeast Asia Culture
HIS180              Latin American Civilizations
HIS304              Western Europe
HIS305              The Renaissance
HIS310,311       History of Europe
HIS314              17th & 18th Century
HIS323              Great Britain
HIS327              German History
HIS332              Imperial Russia
HIS333              20th Century Russia
HIS340              US 1914-1941
HIS341              US 1941-1974
HIS346              Immigration/Ethnic/Race America
HIS 351             Women in Medicine
HIS355              Black Women in US
HIS356              Black Urban History
HIS374              Modern China
HIS375              Modern Japan
HPR201            Fall 07 Honors Colloquium
JOR110            Intro Mass Media
LAR202             Landscape Design
LET151L           Francophone Hip-Hop
LET151Q          Contemporary France
LET151R           The European Union
NUR360            Impact of Death on Behavior1,2
PHL101             Critical Thinking
PHL103             Intro Philosophy
PHL204             Theories of Human Nature
PHL210             Women & Moral Rights
PHL212             Ethics
PHL215             Science & Inquiry
PHL217             Social Philosophy
PHL235             Modern Thought
PHL314             Medical Ethics
PHL316             Engineering Ethics
PHL321             Ancient Philosophy
PHL322             Medieval Philosophy
PHL323             Modern Philosophy
PHL325             American Philosophy
PHL328             Philosophy of Religion
PHL331             East Asian Thought
PHL346             Existentialism
PHL 355            Philosophy of Art
PSC341,342      Political  Theory
PSY310             History of Psychology1
RLS111             Judaism, Christianity, Islam
RLS125             Biblical Thought
RLS126             Christian Thought
RLS131             Asian Philosophies & Religions
WMS220           Women & Natural Sciences
WMS315           Femin. Theories/ Methodologies
WMS320           Feminist Thought






APG200            Language & Culture
APG202            Prehistoric Ages
APG203            Cultural
APG301            Anthropology of Nutrition
BGS390            Social Sciences Seminar1,2
CPL/GEG202    Understanding Cities
ECN100            Intro to Economics1
ECN201            MicroEconomics
ECN202            Macroeconomics
ECN 306           Economic Research Methods
ECN381            Political Economics
EDC102            American Education1
GEG101            World Geography
GEG104            Political Geography
GEG/CPL202    Understanding Cities
HDF225            Consumer in Economy1
HPR110            Honors Study in Social Sciences
HPR 202           Honors
HSS130             Hunger Studies
JOR110            Intro Mass Media
KIN123              Foundations of Health
LIN200              Language & Culture
MAF100            Marine Environment2
NUR150            Human Sexuality1
PSC113             American Politics
PSC116             International Politics
PSC 201            Comparative Politics
PSC274             Criminal Justice System
PSC288             American Legal System
PSY103             Towards Self-Understanding
PSY113             General Psychology
PSY232             Developmental Psychology
PSY235             Theories of Personality
PSY254             Abnormal Behavior Problems
PSY255             Health Psychology
REN105            Resource Economics1
REN 310           Resource Management1,2
REN 356           Tourism1,2
SOC100            General Sociology
SOC212            Families in society
SOC230            Crime & Delinquency
SOC240            Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC242            Sex & Gender
SOC274            Criminal Justice
TMD224            Culture, Dress & Appearance1,2
WMS150           Women’s Studies
WMS320           Feminist Thought


      Foreign Language

Introductory courses in modern foreign languages [100 & 200-level] and introductory courses in classical languages [100 & 300-level]

      Cross-Cultural Competence

CPL300           Intro to Global Issues
FRN309/310   French Culture and Lit.
FRN320          French Cinema
HIS132            Russian & Soviet History
HIS171            East Asian Culture & History
HIS172            Southeast Asian Cult & History
HIS180            Latin American Civilization
HIS311            Europe Since 1914
HIS327            German History Since 1914
HIS374            Modern China
HIS375            Modern Japan
LET151L         Francophone Hip-Hop Culture
LET151Q        Contemporary France
LET151R         The European Union
NRS300          Globl Issues in Sustain Develop
PHL331           East Asian Thought
RLS131           Asian Philosophies & Religion
SPA320           Spanish Cinema
TMD224          Culture, Dress & Appearance


AFS190           Biotechnology2
AFS210           Intro Marine Environment2
AFS211           Intro Marine Environ. Lab
APG201          Human Origins
AST108           Astronomy
AVS101           Animal Science
BCH190          Biotechnology2
BGS391          Natural Science Seminar1,2
BIO101            Principles of Biology
BIO102            Principles of Biology Lab
BIO105            Biology for Daily Life w/ Lab
BIO106            Biology for Daily Life w/ Recit
BIO286            Humans, Insects and Disease
CHM100          Chemistry of Our Environment
CHM101          General Chemistry Lecture
CHM103          Introductory Chemistry Lecture
CHM112          General Chemistry Lecture II
GEO100          Environmental Geology
GEO102          Dinosaurs
GEO103          Understanding the Earth
GEO110          The Ocean Planet
GEO120          Geology of US National Parks
HPR109          Honors Study in Natural Science
HPR202          Honors: Emerging Infect Disease
MIC190           Biotechnology2
NFS207           General Nutrition
NRS190          Biotechnology2
OCG110         The Ocean Planet
OCG123         Ocean/Atmos/Global Change
OCG131         Volcanoes
PHY109           Introduction Physics
PHY111, 112   General Physics
PHY140           Ideas of Physics
PHY185               Laboratory for General Physics I
PHY186           Laboratory for General Phys. II
PHY203           Elementary Physics I
PHY204           Elementary Physics II
PHY205           Elementary Physics III
PHY273           Elementary Physics Lab I
PHY274           Elementary Physics Lab II
PHY275           Elementary Physics Lab III
PLS150           Biology for Gardeners
PLS190           Biotechnology2
PLS233         Floral Art 1,2
TMD113          Color Science


BUS111               Business Analysis & App
CSC101              Computing Concepts1,2,3
CSC201              Intro Computer Programming
HPR108              Honors Study in Mathematics
MTH107              Finite Math
MTH108              Topics in Mathematics
MTH/PSC109      Politics & Math
MTH111              Pre-calculus
MTH131              Applied Calculus
MTH141              Calculus w/ Analytic Geometry
PSC/MTH109      Politics & Math
STA220               Statistics


Writing Courses [ECw]

BGS100          Pro-Seminar2,3
ELS112           English as a Second Language I
ELS122           English as Second Language II
WRT104         Writing: Inform and Explain
WRT105         College Writing
WRT106         Research Writing
WRT 201        Writing Argumentative/Persuasive
WRT227         Business Communications
WRT235         Writing/Computers
WRT 302        Writing Culture
WRT 303        Public Writing
WRT 304        Community Serv. Writing
WRT 305        Travel Writing
WRT333         Scientific & Technical Writing

General English Communications [EC]

COM100         Communication Fundamentals
LIB120             Intro Library
PHL101           Critical Thinking

1 Not applicable Engineering majors
2 Not applicable Arts & Sciences majors
3 Not applicable Pharmacy majors


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